Victim of the Storm

How am I doing?  Ummm… let’s just say… as well as could be expected.  There has mostly been no changes to note.  The pneumonia and inflammation of the lungs is lingering and I have grown tired of antibiotics.  Continuous antibiotics is definitely not good for the immune system… although mine remains in a compromised state.  It seems doctors just keep prescribing them to rid me of the pneumonia… which is obviously more persistent than the antibiotics or just doesn’t give a $#!T about responding in the normal manner.  Yet I wander through my home… thankful for every shingle that keeps me dry… for hot water in which to ease the pain of my aging bones… for an antiquated heating system that continues to warm the air that surrounds me… for at least semi-clean water to wet my endlessly dry mouth… and for a mind that remains in undulation tween here and there… with a most curious and adventurous balance between this world and that of another… and the ability to write… to express my emotions… my thoughts… my gratitude to the universe… upon these pages… even if left unread for eternity… and to you.  There are very few eyes that have wandered these pages… so if you are in the process of reading this… you have become one of specialness… You have brightened the day of one who lingers in the twilight… and helped me to find the will to enjoy the dawning of a new day.

Severe heart disease does not just vanish in the wind.  Cancer mostly claims the life of its victims at some point, but then… there are times of healing that are not fully understood… perhaps existing somewhere between coincidence and miraculous.  I have been very fortunate to have witness several miracles within my life time… and I thank you for having been a part of those miracles.

For those of you who have wandered this journey alongside me… taken me by the hand and led me into the light… blessed me with your prayers… with your kindness… your compassion… the empathy that you have felt so profoundly within your heart… I thank you with all my heart and soul.

Please allow me to wander from my ailments… my pain… fate of circumstance… and linger in the light of what I am so very thankful for… the poem and picture I have posted this morning… was posted on my poetry site a year and a half ago… yet its relevance is expressed most wonderfully by what occurred in my little corner of the world… during the early morning hours…

5:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Springtime… “In like a lion”…

What a storm.  I haven’t even been outside as of yet to assess the damage.  I was lucky… only straight line wind of 70 miles per hour or perhaps a bit more… or about 112 kilometers per hour.  At just before one in the morning, the sound through the bedroom walls and windows was more like some enormous jetliner making an emergency landing on the bed.  The kitties all abandoned me and ran for shelter beneath the couch, chairs and tables.  I suppose it was just a ‘welcome to springtime’ greeting card from Mother Nature to the southern plains.  Although I am awaiting the dawn to wander into the great outdoors to have a look around… I know that there are those who suffered much greater damage than I.  Just a few miles away, a tornado practiced take offs and landings across a stretch of the state… spreading its wrath across nearly a hundred miles… with hail the size of softballs falling at a rate of approximately 100 miles per hour.  Now… I guess we know who it was that cast the first stone.

Although this poem has been posted previously on… I feel that it is of most importance to post this morning on a site that exists to spread the light to others.  My heartfelt sorrow.. my compassion… my empathy for those who lost their lives in this storm… those who lost someone they loved… for those who lost their homes… their memories… I am deeply humbled and saddened…


Victim of the Storm

Today I saw a rainbow’s birth
In half-light of the dawn
Briefly blush its hues of grace
Ere breath of nature’s yawn

A raindrop gently touched my face
My eyes could taste the mirth
As if I wandered through the dreams
That linger in my berth

The storm blew in from psychic throes
As rainbows fade to gray
While sagely voices speak of truths
From neath the crimson clay

A raven came to muse my mind
While distant thunder rolled
And whispered words of prudence bare
To ‘nevermore’ be told

The tempest seized its vapored vaunt
And raged in mortal bloom
A vortex into heaven’s gate
Passed through the darkened brume

All truths of which were ever known
Poured through the souls in wait
Enlightening their marrow’s poise
For those who tempted fate

Then silence fell on huddled hearts
While love cast shadows bare
Swallowed tears from vagrant grace
Transposed the stoic stares

Today I saw a rainbow’s birth
In hues of setting suns
Briefly blush its hint of hope
That death was left undone

A drop of rain wept down my cheek
My lips could taste the mirth
As if I wandered midst the muse
That lingers in my berth