In the Rhyme

In the Rhyme 2

Okay… so I wrote this big long post chocked full of downer stuff about my past and current health status.  True… it was just the facts.  The truth… the whole truth… and nothing but the truth.  So as you can tell… I’m not a politician… nor a lawyer… nor a real estate tycoon… nor my ex-girlfriend I had many years ago.  Anyway… as I read over the post, it made me feel worse than I already did, so I crumpled up the paper and threw it in the copper pail.  (Actually… I just hit delete)  So there… it’s gone.  You won’t have to read the BS that I wrote about my sorry health.  I’ve wondered though, how can I give an update on my current health status without picturing all the long faces of those who are reading it.  Since I have always tried to promote a positive attitude as a tremendous plus for healing…  let’s try this…

Same story, different plot… Same song, different melody… Same verse, different rhyme.  Except… perhaps worse than the last time…
perhaps closer to the point… where it’s a bit too late for medication to help take care of it…

A squirt of lemon
A squeeze of lime
A pinch of parsley
A sprig of thyme

But in the end
Behind the mime
What we have left
Lies in the rhyme

As Shadows Cross the Sky

For all of you who would like to help in promoting my newly published book, please pick up a copy for yourself and perhaps one for a friend at

Poetry books make great gifts to those for whom you care… to someone very special… something to be shared with one another.  

The proceeds from this book will help to defray some of the ridiculous costs of cancer therapy and of procedures that become necessary for severe side effects of those therapies.  Your help in promoting this book of poetry is greatly appreciated.

I have but one request… When your book arrives, please place it on your coffee table or some other conspicuous location where it can be shared with family, friends, and those with whom you share your life… so that they too… may wander in the wonder that lies between the covers.

Thank you for your inspiration, your endless support and your always compassionate encouragement.

Now… for the cute kitty pics…


Skunk 5




2 thoughts on “In the Rhyme

  1. Michael, congratulations on publishing this book. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling very well and hope you make a turn around soon. I’ll be buying your book soon, just waiting for pennies from heaven;) Let me know if theres anything I can do from here. Sending along healing wishes, if not for body then at least for mind.


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