Well, the PET scan went pretty much as expected.  Russ, the scan tech was very friendly, conversed with me about his life and how he came to do what he does, his military service and why he signed up, his education… etc.  He was just very personable and I so appreciate that type of personal interaction when having to undergo such tests with the potential for unpleasant results.  He helped to ease my mind greatly.   I enjoyed the conversation.  We are about the same age, he being about three years younger than I.  We seemed to have many things in common.  He had no trouble finding an appropriate vein to start the IV… painlessly I might add… and inject the radioactive isotope. 

I then sat in a recliner with a warmed blanket over me with instructions to be very still for the next 45 minutes to an hour… in a very small room… alone with my thoughts.  They wandered greatly.  I tried to write poetry in my mind but all I could write was satirical comedy.

When he strapped me in the cocoon as I call it and inserted me into the machine, I noticed a great deal of heat emanating from it.  That was not normal as I had never felt that heat from it during previous tests.  I didn’t bring it to his attention because most of those machines know when they are overheating and either sound an alarm or shut themselves down.  I did think about it catching on fire and the fact that my arms were bundled in the cocoon next to my body and there was no way that I could escape from that bundle unless I were to suddenly become a butterfly and fly out of my cocoon.

Having had several of these tests and being as observant as I possibly can in that situation, I noticed that Russ paused the machine in several places for a longer duration than others.  Of course I wondered why that might be but presumed that he was observing some area that needed a longer look. 

I asked Russ if he could make me a copy of the CD with the pics of the test and he said that he would and that he would leave it at the desk for me to pick up on Monday.  I will be there to bring it home, place it into this very laptop and view the pics for myself.  I will know some things after that journey through the cross sectioned tomography of my innards… (I just love that word… I should write a poem about it)… and I will be very confused about some others.  But it will provide me some interesting data to study until the appointment with my oncology doc.  She’s very good at answering all my questions but I’m not real sure how she feels about me wandering through the info myself before she talks with me about the report.  So far… she has been an advocate of my curiosity.

So, for today… I wait.  Tomorrow I will exam the CD and throw my mind into complete confusion more than likely. 

I developed a painful sinus infection Friday afternoon not long after the scan.  I don’t see how it could be related to the test or to the injection of nuclear material… so I suppose it is merely a strange coincidence, but who really knows for sure.   Hopefully I can fight it off on my own.  I’ve taken far too many antibiotics over the past year, supposedly fighting pneumonia, so I am not going to go to a clinic where they will only prescribe more antibiotics.  With a compromised immune system, it is very difficult to fight off any infection, but I will try it on my own for now.  I’m taking Zinc to help boost what there is of my immune system… so of course… I’m hopeful.

So for the rest of today, we’ll be getting comfy in our chairs, taking life easy and just enjoying the evening.  Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful Sunday evening.

Miracle chair

…and please don’t disturb Miracle while he’s watching Animal Planet…



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