How to Know when You’ve Been Fried

Question:  How to know when you’ve been fried

Answer:  When you’ve had nothing for breakfast…  And burp bacon…

I know… that’s a strange way to start a post to this journal… but it is true. 

Perhaps there is more of a link than we realize between humans and pigs.  Perhaps the cannibals were right… humans taste like pork.  Perhaps… one who has been fried and still alive can verify that claim… by burping bacon.  Oh… come on… laugh… it’s funny.  After all, they take the valves from pigs’ hearts and place them into human hearts and save our human lives.

Some of us are even born with pig snouts… and still adorable…

Baby with pig nose   Pig nose 1

Come on now… where’s that sense of humor?  Trust me… sometimes I know exactly how hard it is to find that sense of humor… like every morning when I voluntarily go to the clinic and jump into the frying pan.  Kind of reminds me of that old song… “What Kind of Fool am I”…

Okay… enough of this rather… ummm… un-normal humor.  On with the update. 

This morning I will be receiving my sixth treatment.  They are zapping me quite strongly this time but I don’t meet with the doc until Friday (maybe) so I’m not sure why.  She originally said that we would take it slowly to keep down the collateral damage.  However, that damage has already started, though most reports state that they normally don’t start for a couple of weeks of treatment.  I know… I’m weird.  The same thing happened the first time around on the neck and throat. 

Perhaps I am getting the negative benefits so quickly because my system was so badly damaged from the first two rounds of treatments and the fact that I started this procedure in a much weaker state than before.

This is my experience so far…

One of the worst effects so far is the swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck and beneath the jaw… from the tender areas beneath the chin and radiating out both directions to the end of the jaw bone beneath the ears.  The lymphs in the neck have been somewhat painful since radiation treatment of cancer in that area in 2014.  They have worsened since beginning this treatment.   It is very painful and I can’t sleep in my usual positions because it puts pressure on that area and causes too much pain.  I try to sleep sitting straight up, but as most of you know… that ain’t always easy.  It really didn’t make much sense to me until I considered the fact that they are radiating the lymph nodes in other areas and… well… they’re all rather connected.  If they are clogged up or swollen in one are, they are likely to cause similar problems in other areas.

The other worst effect is a terrible cough that is hard, dry and persistent.  I did have a cough before going for treatment, but two nights ago, the cough suddenly worsened and changed completely in sound.  That one’s hard to explain with words.  The cough hurts the chest area and sends a severe burning feeling into the larynx… probably because it was also damaged from previous radiation and because it is once again receiving part of the current zapping.

The larynx has pain all the time.  The burning pain from coughing just makes it much worse.

The esophagus evidently has swollen a bit because it is a little harder to swallow food.  Everything seems to catch in the throat near the larynx.  It may be that the larynx is actually what is swollen and causing that to happen instead.

My voice comes and goes.  One minute I can talk fine and the next I can hardly talk at all.  I choke and cough if I say anything in even a slightly louder than normal voice.  I cannot laugh for the same reason… choking and coughing.  I like to laugh.  I’m kind of sad about that one.

The persistent pain in the mid-section, just beneath the bottom of the sternum has worsened, but only slightly so far.

I have a bit of trouble functioning early in the morning which is usually my best time of day.  After being up for a while I improve.  Mid-morning seems to be my best time of day at this moment.  Early afternoon I begin getting tired.  Early evening I start falling apart and by bed time… well… I really don’t have a choice but to go “crawl” into the bed.

There you have it.  The five day radiation update.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the cannibals and the reference to pigs.  My best recommendation is this…

Don’t visit areas that may have cannibals living nearby… if you burp bacon.

More updates after the visit with the Doc…



2 thoughts on “How to Know when You’ve Been Fried

  1. Michael I am so sorry that this treatment is being so much discomfort, But I am so pleased to see you have not lost your sense of Humour.. Sending much love and healing thoughts as I ask for added healing vibes to soothe those painful areas..
    Wishing you a better nights sleep.. And take each day as it comes, Give those dear Cats of yours a hug from me too..
    Hugs Sue 🙂 ❤


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