Update… 22 sessions completed

As of Friday, twenty-two sessions of radiation have been completed.  Only eight more remaining before the long wait begins till we find out how successful they have been.  I am of course expecting complete obliteration of both tumors… and of anything else that’s lurking in there that shouldn’t be.

As far as side effects and symptoms go, they have remained mostly constant.  No better… no worse than last posted with only a couple of exception.  The esophageal contractions and pain have become worse at times.  There is a constant burning pain which covers a third to one half of the lower portion.  It feels like badly burned skin… the kind of burn severe enough to blister and expose the lower layers.  I suppose that is exactly the cause.  I’ve been drinking aloe vera mixed with juice to help soothe the burn.  It helps quite a bit but never alleviates it completely.  I do believe that it is helping to heal the burned areas that it can reach.  I have become a firm believer in aloe vera.  The juice is helping soothe the inside burn while the gel is helping the burn on the skin.  It also is quite affective against many other skin irritations and infections including fungal and yeast infections that can be caused by radiation.  If you have any kind of skin irritation, give aloe vera gel a try.  I have found it to be quite amazing where even prescription creams and powders have been ineffective.

The other increased symptom is an uncomfortable pressure feeling in the chest with addition pain on deep breaths or coughing.  I’m not sure what it is all about or what is causing it to be worse this morning.  Shortness of breath has accompanied this uncomfortable pressure like feeling.  Low body temperature with waves of chills up and down the body isn’t making me feel much better either. Hopefully it will improve as the morning progresses.

Other than the above and all the things that seem to annoy an old man… I am doing okay.  Of course that depends on one’s definition of okay and what you may be comparing it to.  Okay for me is most likely not okay for many others.

Tomorrow is treatment number 23.  That’s a good number… the number of pairs of chromosomes in the human body.  Of course… some of my chromosomes may be a bit distorted now from so much radiation.  In total of all three sessions of radiation therapy… I have received somewhere in the area of 80 radiation treatments.  “80”.  That’s a lot of radiation.  In addition to the treatments… they do anywhere from 2 to 5 xrays every day of treatment… depending on how things line up and on how many times I end up coughing.  Every time I cough they have to stop the procedure and realign me with the machine.  In order to do that… additional xrays are required.  So far in at least 2 to 3 sessions per week… I have had some serious coughing spells.  It makes me feel very bad because the techs have to redo everything alignment wise… but after all… I have a collapsed lung… radiation pneumonitis… fibrosis of the right lung… and cancer in the lymph nodes in the hilum of the lung and attached to the windpipe leading into the right lung.  It only stands to reason that I’m going to cough… a lot.

I’m sitting here at this antediluvian kitchen table with an outside temperature of 58 degrees F… heading for a high around 88.  The temp inside is a warm 75… yet… I am dressed in warm pants, tee shirt and flannel shirt… and still cold.  I’m not looking forward to winter or even to the cold front that is supposed to come through later in the week.  I’ll be outside in the sunshine in a little while toasting myself to warmth.

Ollie says to tell everyone good morning.  He’s busy helping me stay warm by laying on my chest and giving me these silly Ollie looks…

Ollie 1

Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday…



6 thoughts on “Update… 22 sessions completed

  1. Wow Michael, you are not only a very positive person in your outlook but I feel ashamed of complaining over small ailments next to all that you have had to go through. Keep up your spirits my friend.😊

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    • Good morning Chevvy… wonderful to hear from you. Don’t feel badly about complaining over small ailments… some of those can be quite painful and annoying. I do the same thing. It would be quite normal for me if someone asked “how are you”… to skip all the serious stuff and complain about stumping my toe… because it really hurts.

      My spirits are good, Chevvy and it’s caring people like you who have journeyed this path right along with me that keeps me filled with hope and brightens my every day. Thank you.

      I’ve been wandering with you in your journey through Vienna and Prague, but have more lingering to do in those magnificent pics. You know how I love for you to take me along on your visits to places I would not have been able to see without you. The pictures you share are not of the usual but of places and people that are most interesting in every day interactions. I just love walking through them with you.

      Hope you have a most beautiful Sunday…

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      • It’s lovely to hear from you Michael and if I’ve done a little to distract you from any pain or discomfort through your wanderings with me, that makes it all worthwhile. I know that many people don’t get a chance to travel and I am grateful that I got the chance again. As you say, it is a very different world even from my own. Even in a world of trouble, there is always beauty to be found. Next week, I’ll be posting on my visit to Budapest which in some ways, I loved even more and you are welcome to come along with me.
        It’s late afternoon here so soon the sun will be setting. Enjoy the day ahead of you – may it be beautiful too! 🌹


  2. Great tip on the aloe. When I find large fresh leaves, I filet them, freeze them on a sheet then bag them. That way, when and if I burn or scrape myself I have to only run a section under the tap to get the juices flowing and have instant ice/aloe. It feels great. I’m glad you are finding some relief from it. I’m happy to hear its nearly over. Fingers, toes and braided hair crossed for you.

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    • Good morning Linda and thanks for the tip of your own. I didn’t realize they could be frozen and used later. I’ve put the leaves in the fridge but not in the freezer. Thanks for crossing the fingers, toes and braided hair. I hope you are doing well.

      Have a beautiful day Linda…



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