Twenty-seven sessions completed

Just a short update to let everyone know that I’m… okay.  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in the southern plains and I am extremely fortunate and full of gratitude that I am here to experience all the beautiful that lingers in this very moment.  Okay… so after a day in the mid ninety’s yesterday it is thirty degrees cooler and raining… but it is all quite beautiful to me.

There is not a lot of new to report.  The skin on my back and chest have become quite sore from the burn, but aloe vera gel is easing that pain considerably.  I’m a bit too dehydrated today and very weak with the same complaints as last reported… especially lower esophageal pain.  I’ve found nothing that really relieves it… although the aloe vera juice does help a bit… so I guess it is just a ‘live with it’ situation until the burned tissue on the inside has the opportunity to heal.  That should start about Thursday of next week.  Only three more sessions of radiation remain.  I suppose you all know how I feel about that.

I’m fully aware that the side effects of radiation often worsen after treatment is over and some linger for months… and obviously from my own experiences… sometimes linger for years.  The cough has worsened over the past week… not sure as to why… perhaps more lung damage from the radiation.  There really isn’t a lot of that lung left to damage so I’m hopeful the upper lobe stays functional.  Maybe it’s just irritated.  Time will tell on that one.  Chest pain continues to be fairly constant… sometimes worse than others.

I know you’ll all be pleasantly surprised that I didn’t post a book length update today… but I’ll probably make up for it in the next post.

I thought you might enjoy this post I stole from my poetry site.  It just seems to fit the day.  Please visit me at The Vision of Poets…

Whenitallgoeswrong 3

When It All Goes Wrong

Perhaps it was I who strayed from the course
Or maybe consulted a misguided source
I mixed up my potion a little too strong
What else can you do when it all goes wrong

The reports arrived in bold black and white
An omen in crystal with darkness of night
Singing an ode with an out of tune song
What else can you do when it all goes wrong

What does one do with such heartbreaking news
Should you start smoking weed or turn to the booze
Or should you just face it determined and strong
Whenever you find that your world’s gone wrong

Perhaps it is I who longs for the place
Where life’s simple pleasures come all wrapped in lace
To forget about time when the day is too long
What else can you do when it all goes wrong

The reports arrived in fluorescent hues
Perhaps it’s all there in the choices we choose
When white ravens rise, you just ride along
What else can you do when things are all wrong

Perhaps it is I who bides in a dream
Where all is not nearly as bad as it seems
Sweet Irish Cream, hot coffee… a song
What else can you do when it all goes wrong


Have a most beautiful day


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