I suppose it is time for an update… at least of sorts.  This is the 49th update and or comment and or blathering rant that I have posted on this site.  My deepest gratitude to all of those that have wandered through this journey with me.  You have so often brightened my day.

This week I will be placed back into the chamber of tomography to determine how efficient the latest radiation therapy annihilated the two 29mm tumors that had taken up residency in the hilum of the right lung and the subcarinal lymph nodes.  I know that most who wander here are well versed in the effects of positive thinking so we will just “know” that there will be no glowing orbs in the results of the scan.

Due to circumstances, the follow up appointment with the doctor… to discuss the results, is not scheduled until the following week.  Soooooo… There will be a very long six day waiting period between the scan and hearing its results.  I suppose that is the time that one must keep their mind as occupied as possible.  Of course, my mind is always occupied, but not always with beautiful positive thoughts.  As all of you know… those ‘other’ possibilities and probabilities can still find a way to weasel into our brains and cause concern.  But then… don’t we all love challenges.

Off the subject… sort of.  I’ve been cleaning out and throwing away.  I still have not made an obvious dent in all that needs to go, but after the hidden away things in drawers and closets are disposed of… maybe I can start on the more obvious things…  that are sitting around… without purpose… collecting pounds of dust.  Who knows… I may find “myself” inside a very large trash bag.  Hopefully… I’ll find my way to the recycle bin instead of the one for garbage.  I suppose it could go either way.  Being able to see the bottom of a drawer or the floor of a closet definitely helps me feel a bit better and who knows what I’ll find… buried for twenty years in the rubble.  Just hoping there aren’t any bones.

So until next week after the doc appointment… I’ll probably be relatively quiet… unless I need to prattle my thoughts onto these pages.  As we all know… my fingers can blurt as well as my mouth… sometimes even better.

Another off the subject… Yesterday I was in the yard attempting to bundle some limbs to be picked up by the city.  Breaking some of them so they would not be longer than allowed, one of the limbs snapped and slammed across my eye before I could even blink.  It was very painful.  My blue eye on a background of crimson was not a pretty sight.  I had to keep it closed through most of the day.  When I tried to open it… the pain was just too severe and I couldn’t see anything clearly through it anyway, so I just kept it closed and covered most of the day.  Today… it is still a little painful, but I can keep it open and can see relatively well, but there is soreness surrounding it.  Looking into the mirror at my reflection… it might be best if I kept both eyes closed.  So much for the expression… “eyes wide open”.

So… at this point in life… I can’t use sharp things… I can’t climb trees… can’t climb on ladders with my pole saw… can’t climb around on the steep slopping roof… can’t crawl under the house… can’t crawl into the recliner with the footrest sticking out…  have to be careful around the kitties so not to get scratched or bitten to prevent bleeding profusely… not real good at writing poetry when in pain or weak… so what’s left… what is there that one can do with all of these restrictions…
Oh yeah…….. I know!


Michael 33

2 thoughts on “49

  1. Oh dear Michael.. Sending continued energy your way dear friend.. and wishing you all the best with your appointments at hospital..
    Seems you have been in the wars.. I am sure those kitties would not dare to lash out and give you a scratch.. I am certain they do nothing but purrr around you..
    Sorry I have been absent if you have updated recently.. I have been on holiday.
    Know I send you in my healing book often, and only lit a candle today as I asked for healing for every name in it as I had been away for a while..
    Sending continued love and well wishes ..
    Sue ❤


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