A brief update

Good Morning…

Here’s a brief update with more to follow…

The PET scan was done on Thursday, April 18, 2019 and I picked up the disc and report on Friday.  I have reviewed the report but have not viewed the disc as yet, mainly because I’ve been too tired to deal with it and a couple of factors that an old man shouldn’t have to deal with on his own… but often… reality hits you between the eyes.  The report is very confusing.  I’ve learned a lot about reading these reports over the years and yet… this one has me just sitting here and wondering.  I will need to do a little research and then view the disc before I can fill you in on what I can figure out from amongst the confusion.  It almost seems as if the doc that read the scan just wrote the report as if only other docs will read it… okay… I know… that wasn’t funny.  I know that a doc orders the test and the doc that reads the scan prepares the report for the doc that orders it.  BUT PATIENTS SHOULD BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND AT LEAST MOST OF IT THEMSELVES. 

So… here’s the deal… I’ll be doing many Google searches in an attempt to understand the report… review the disc… and fill you in on what I can determine to be fact… or maybe just confuse my readers along with myself.  Whatever the results… I will post something soon.

My appointment with the radiation oncologist is next week and hopefully… she will be able to un-confuse me.  Perhaps she might even tell me that my own analysis is full of shit.  After all… she already referred to me as a “bulldog” when it comes to finding out information.  I kind of think I fit the “bloodhound” type a little better.  I love their long sad faces and besides… their ears are more like mine.

bloodhound 1

photo credit: Michael J. Belgie Sr. IMG_0187spbh#5 via photopin (license)

In the meantime… have a most beautiful day.


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