The Report, April 2019


So here’s what I have concluded from studying the report, reviewing the CD of the PET scan and numerous Google explorations in search of reasonable explanations of what I did not understand in the report.  My conclusion is:  I still don’t understand.

Here’s what I do know:

The tumors that were discovered in December of 2018, for which I received twenty something radiation treatments… are still there in approximately the same sizes that they were then.  Not a good thing.  One bit of information that is good however, is that the SUV has decreased somewhat to 5.8 (compared to SUV of 17 previously).

If I compare the picture from today with the one posted in “The Report” of December 15, 2018, I don’t see much difference… sadly.

There is still pleural effusion.  (That is fluid that has accumulated between the layers of tissue that line the lungs and the chest wall… I’m beginning to think that it is permanent)

There are new nodular areas with hypermetabolic activity in the right posterior gutter.  (I didn’t realize that I had gutters inside my body.  Perhaps if I’d known… I would have done some gutter  cleaning before they got plugged up with bird nests… or whatever).

I am assuming, which often gets me into trouble, that this means the pleura lining at the bottom of the lung.  Still not sure.

The report then states:  “These may represent distal pulmonary nodules or pleural-based nodules.  These measure about a centimeter in size.  Three discrete areas noted.  Each of these have an SUV of between 3 and 4.

The next part I also did not understand.  It states: “Physiologic activity within the genitourinary and gastrointestinal tracts.”  (Huh?)  I can’t seem to nail down a good explanation for this either and don’t know if that is good or bad.

Diverticulosis with some pelvic fluid.  I understand diverticulosis but don’t know about pelvic fluid.

So… there it is in black and white with a considerable amount of hues of $#!+ mixed in.

The doc appointment is later this week.  Wish me luck in getting a good explanation of it all.

Till then… I’ll be wishing all of you a most beautiful day.


2 thoughts on “The Report, April 2019

  1. Does your oncologist know about the invention of the telephone? Does this oncologist not have an email system with the bonus of leaving you some key to the medical hieroglyphs of the radiology report? This mystifies me in that it’s a proactive event on which the cancer centers make money so they’d want you to feel informed if they want you to have more scans in the future with them. I have a communicative partnership with my oncologist and I feel fortunate and grateful to have him on my team, but it’s a team. Information is key to our wellness and wellbeing- stress and lack of data about the state of our health is not.

    My apologies for barging right in – recently my quest to find others in the blog space with cancer as my search for more people in a similar situation turned up quite a few good writers and blogs. I appreciate your no BS style and I wanted to browse my reader to see what was going on in the cancer community.i look forward to reading more soon,


    • Good morning Ilene. Thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to share your information and compassion with me. The answer to your first two questions is… yes… she does have a phone but prefers to discuss ‘everything’ with you in person and… I know of no email system that they use for any type of communications.

      Never apologize for barging in… You are not barging and your words are always welcome here. I’m always open to new ideas, new information, experiences of those who have been through it before or are currently experiencing this disease along with us. The sharing of ideas and information is always of great value to me.

      Again… thanks for sharing your experience with me… I welcome anything and everything you have to offer.

      Hope your day is most beautiful…


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